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Authentic parenting

Engaging, Educating & Equipping Parents to Fly

Our approach is simple: we understand that parenting is never easy and while many parents are trying to teach their children to fly, they are functioning with broken wings themselves. In our 8 week program we help parents understand what it means to parent authentically or the healthy parenting.

What is "authentic parenting"?

"Authentic parenting" is a transformation process that requires parents to push past all struggles and misunderstandings of former parenting experiences and allows them to learn new skills, instill knowledge and empowerment training to emerge into a new creature aka an "authentic parent".

Sample Program Format

  Introduction – Broken Wings: Our training session begins with a five question survey to gauge where each parent is and to help him or her understand what “authentic parenting” is. After the survey, we elaborate on what “broken wings” means and let them know that, by the end of the program, each will receive new wings to fly along with a certificate of completion.


1. The Child in Me: This interactive session reveals how one’s parenting has impacted their child rearing habits and methods.   


2.Conquering the Giant: This session provides hands on examples of parent-child conflict at home and school and how to deal with a strong willed child.    


3. My Own Story: This hands on, creative writing workshop will allow parents and children to use pictures, poems and letters to write their own story. The culmination of this project will result in a manuscript or paperback book being produced to represent each family. Parents will receive the printed form upon graduation of the course.

SOUL WORKS: Can anyone hear me cry?

What it Is:

  Soul Works “Can Anyone Hear Me Cry”?   

is a signature program of the Micro-Nonprofit Network Inc. It is a mobile multi-dimensional childhood sexual abuse prevention program designed to help girls and their mother discuss the long-lasting impact of childhood sexual abuse and what happens “IF” the issue isn’t dealt with.   

How it works:

  Our program uses a creative approach that addresses the devastating impact of childhood sexual abuse on the "soul” of a girl or woman. Our program incorporates painting, calligraphy, video, music, and spoken word to help open the communication and facilitate dialogue between daughters and their mothers.  


When it's offered:

        Our 5-week mobile program can be conducted in any setting such as a church, community center, library or office space.  


              That’s The Ticket is our community based imitative to help working poor women and college students get to work, school, church, doctor’s office, etc. by providing full day bus tickets for a week. We understand that getting around the Hampton Road area on a bus can be very expensive. We endeavor to assist them by taking some of the burden and the cost of getting tickets  off of them.  

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